Are business processes boring?

Are business processes boring?  Absolutely ....until they go wrong!


Businesses often confuse the fact that they operate in a complex industry with the reality that they have allowed their own business to become complex.  There are few things more frustrating, inefficient and value-sapping than poor business and management processes.

Among other things, staff become frustrated, duplication creeps in, and then what happens is that most heinous of situations: no one is really owning an important process or even an entire job role.  And at that point, the business has a potentially serious issue that could cost it much more than just mere staff frustration (an issue in itself).

Making business processes work efficiently can create value.  Persisting with a poor process just saps it.  Take time out to review your own management processes, or drop me a line to see where Tackle can help.

-- By Richard Hitchcock, owner and founder at Tackle - Helping businesses to run like clockwork

This article first appeared on LinkedIn
Photo credit and thanks to Mosa Moseneke on Unsplash