Dear Sales Director, please delete the “info@” email account!

Delete @info image.001.jpeg

All businesses want to grow by capitalising on every sales enquiry.  Frequently, one of the first points of contact is now the info@ email account.

But am I the only one who often finds this method a source of frustration, observing many missed sales opportunities?

 I often press ‘send’ to an info@ account more in hope than anticipation.  Just this month, I have already had two experiences where I actively wanted to make a purchase, and where the info@ account was the only advertised medium for initial contact.

And what happened? Nothing!

Your info@ account should be treated like any other selling tool and customer interface. Treat it with care and respect, and be ultra-efficient.  You can’t afford to ignore a sales opportunity, nor can you allow the chance for a potential customer to have a negative experience of your brand. As we know, they will likely tell others.

If you don’t manage your info@ account with due diligence, then it’s probably just safer to delete it and replace with a phone number instead.

-- By Richard Hitchcock, owner and founder at Tackle - Helping businesses to run like clockwork.

This article first appeared on LinkedIn.