Google AdWords News

Google recently announced some significant changes to AdWords which are coming this year. It’s time to get ready for them right now.

New Text Ads

Google recently changed where the text ads display on the search page. There used to be three at the top of the page and then ten down the right hand side. The ten down the side disappeared, to be replaced with 3-4 at the top and the rest at the bottom.

The reason for that change is now clear. There wouldn’t have been room at in the right hand column for longer text ads. In addition, the change made the search results more mobile friendly.

Going forward, test ads will have two 30-character titles (up from one 25-character title), one 80-character description (up from two 35-character lines) and a longer display URL.

So it will change from:

To this:

Local Search Ads in Google Maps

Businesses will be able to show their logos on the search screen as points on the map, and will be able to include relevant ads and offers.

Image Source: Google Blog

Image Source: Google Blog

Responsive Display Ads

More and more searches are being done on mobile (hence the changes to the text ads), and Google has made display ads for mobile fully responsive. No longer will you have to create a whole range of different ad shapes for different places where they might be shown, now you just supply headlines, a description, an image and a URL and Google does the rest.

Image Source: Google Blog

Image Source: Google Blog

Mobile Device Bidding

Again, because of the importance of mobile, Google has change the bidding defaults. It used to be that you set a bid for desktop devices and varied it for mobile and tablet; now you can set them independently, or can nominate a different default to desktop and vary the others compared to that default.

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