Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership Development raises the quality of leadership in your organisation by providing your leaders the key people with the professional development and individual skills they need.

Consult Yorkshire can help you with your leadership skills development through our leadership development programmes and executive coaching. Our belief is that development is the key activity, focusing on professional personal development and not just leadership training which assumes one size fits all.

Leadership development programmes can be bespoke and include a range of leadership courses or modules. These programmes can include elements like Strategic Leadership and be supported by Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching focuses on professional and personal development. A professional executive coach works on a one to one basis with individual leaders.

Executive Coaching can explore business related or personal development to improve your personal performance and organisational contribution.

The coaches from Consult Yorkshire use a personal approach to help make people comfortable talking and sharing their thoughts, ideas and worries. They create a safe environment and mutual respect and have the ability to help people unravel their problems, breaking them down and talking through potential options/solutions and particularly considering other perspectives. They provide challenge in a sensitive way and to ask great questions.

Consult Yorkshire specialises in developing and delivering Leadership Learning Programmes for all levels of management across the public, private and voluntary sectors. The programmes can be bespoke to fully meet your individual needs – these can also be accredited. We incorporate the latest thinking and innovative approaches. We have in the past used artists, storytellers, actors and musicians for example to enhance the learning experience and to make it memorable for the participants. We match learning with action to embed learning and support behaviour change and incorporate an action learning approach.

Investment in leadership development improves bottom-line financial performance and helps to attract and retain your best people. If you would like to talk to us about ways in which we can help you with your leadership development then send us an e-mail.

Our Consultants have a variety of experience and have worked across all sectors, private, public and voluntary/charitable.

We look forward to hearing from you.