Who is it for?

Having an appropriate and healthy pipeline on new products and services is the responsibility of the board. We work with business and innovation leaders in companies to help you develop the correct plans, skills, behaviours that delivers results.

Knowing why you are developing the product and the customers they serve is a critical part of a business growth strategy. We help you work out identify areas of potential growth and develop the business strategy.

The Process

Assistance by CY consultants can be for one off product development or to help businesses build capability to repeatedly deliver their pipeline of new offerings to the market.

CY consultants can help you through the new product development process:

  • Idea Generation and Selection: Designing and running ideas generation workshops and helping you select the most promising ideas.
  • Product Design: 
  • Concept Development: Having selected the most promising new product ideas we will help you through the validation of that concept – will it sell, who will buy, what improvements are needed to make it commercially viable.
  • NDP project design: Now you have strong new product concepts, and feedback from potential customers, you need to refine the product and make your business ready to launch it. 
  • Launch Planning: Ready to scale up the new product? Ready to tell your market about it? We help you assemble the correct plans for commercial success.

The Results

We can cite many business reports that show that companies who develop a consistent stream of new products not only out perform their peers but become more competitive, attract and retain better staff and realise the benefits of export.

We have collectively helped numerous companies to successful new product and service launch and have a range of skilled consultants for each part of the journey.