The modern world, a familiar story

We could fill this site with clichés about business competition in the modern world, the scale and pace of change, how critical innovation and creativity are for you to survive and succeed. But that’s not new, we all know it. The question is what can we do about it?

The leader’s role is to create the right environment for innovation to flourish

A mixture of high support and high challenge helps people work to their full potential. They become more open minded and feel more emotionally involved in their roles, a combination that builds creativity.

Re-frame the question

People get bogged down in the negative connotations of a ‘problem’. It often seems insurmountable. Turn it around and set each issue as a challenge to find an innovative solution. That is when you really get people engaged and enthused.

Strategy development needs a process

Strategic decision making uses brains as its prime resource. We may apply time, money, people and machines to help us form our decisions but all the hardware and software in the world will count for nothing if the ‘wetware’ gets the final connection wrong.

There isn’t just one way to do strategy. There are many ways and means. What’s important is that you design an approach which will work in your environment, with your organisational culture and your people to get the results that you want.

Innovate to meet your customers’ needs (before they know what they are)

What is it that your potential customers do already that stops them reaching out to you? Very often the real competition is just the way they do things – and the way they believe they must do things – rather than any other business you’re competing against.

Get “into their heads”, try to understand the way they behave, what it’s like to do what they do, and speak to them in their language. Then maybe it’ll become easier for you to reach out to them, and persuade them that you have just what they need.

Use numbers to plan your strategy

Strategy and innovation both need evidence. You must see the world as it is and the likely impact your change will create.
Think actively about what information you really need to understand your business. Know the numbers that form your key indicators.

Use numbers to tell the story of your business. The story helps you generate new ideas to improve your operations, inform your strategies, and make better decisions.

Numbers can be an incredibly powerful management tool. – Don’t underestimate their potential.

Seek out the experts

You can do a lot on your own. You can do even more with the right professional advice. Consult Yorkshire’s consultants can take you from strategic analysis and creative ideas generation through planning to leading the implementation of your business change.

If you would like to talk to us about the ways we can help you with strategy and innovation development then please visit our contact us page and get in touch. We will be delighted to help.