Community Support, Social Enterprise, Voluntary Sector and Charities.

At Consult Yorkshire we can provide specialist support, information and advice to individuals, community groups, groups of individuals, social enterprises or charities. Our support includes business and enterprise development, funding applications, training, coaching and consultancy.

We have consultants that are experienced entrepreneurs and have experience of giving advice and support to start up businesses or growth within businesses. We have individuals that have managed service-orientated functions within larger organisations and worked on community development and community support.  Finally we have people that have experience of working with Social Enterprises, Charities and Community Groups.

We can help with economic regeneration of disadvantaged areas ensuring that sustainable change is possible. For the local economy to undergo durable and robust change, the capability and energy of everybody needs to be harnessed.  We can support individuals and groups in a community to challenge the economic status quo, shaping the local economy so that it delivers increased well-being and environmental sustainability.

Exploring the types of services and expertise we can provide.

  • We work with each type of organisation to develop their vision, strategy and plans.
  • We can provide learning and development workshops and other required training.
  • We provide support to find and help write funding applications. This includes social enterprise funding and funding for community groups.
  • We give advice and support in setting up legal frameworks and constitutions for voluntary groups, social enterprises and charitable organisations.
  • We facilitate community-based projects and collaborative ventures between different sectoral groups by advising and supporting the individuals and groups wishing to pursue these projects.
  • We specialise in economic development in a community looking at local money flows in and out of the local economy, and facilitating the development of an action plan to strengthen the local economy.
  • We give one to one advice and coaching to individual entrepreneurs with business ideas. We give support and advice to groups of people with business ideas (for example a group with an idea who wish to form as a social enterprise).
  • We give general social enterprise support and social enterprise training.
  • We can provide support and advising much larger projects likely to involve a number of different groups or organisations (for example setting up an intermediate labour market initiative; developing an under-used physical asset; developing a local procurement strategy). Brokering partnerships between individuals and groups is our speciality. This could be community groups, charities or social enterprises with public sector/local authorities.
  • We supply project management to help with development and implementation of change.

Our expertise lies in enabling, by challenging and questioning in a way which catalyses and progresses ideas and projects, and brings out the best in people. We ensure the best possible climate is created for clients to progress their ideas and projects.