Every company needs an internet strategy. Internet marketing is key to helping customers find your business, and if you also want to sell your products or services online then you need an eCommerce website. Support from an internet and eCommerce consultant can help you to avoid problems and get the best return on your investment.

The trends are clear. When customers want to find a product or service, the first place they go to is a search engine. Research in 2012 showed that 85% of people use Google to find a local business. Every time we conduct customer research with B2B companies, the majority of their customers used Google to find them.

Even though the economy is flat, eCommerce sales are growing. New, online only businesses are being launched daily. If your competitors are selling online then you need an eCommerce solution too or you are going to lose market share.

Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet marketing is not simply spending a bit of money with someone to build a website or do some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for you. It is planning your internet strategy, getting the right internet solutions in place, and integrating all of this with the rest of your marketing.

Too many businesses waste money by approaching a web developer and saying ‘build us a website; we’re not sure what we need but we know we need one’! Getting into internet marketing with a badly planned website is a great way to throw money away.

Our Internet Marketing Consultants start by understanding your business, your goals, your customer base, your strategy and your marketing. From that we:

  • Plan how your website should integrate with the rest of your business and your marketing plan
  • Research what search terms your customers use to find you
  • Recommend a structure for your website which will satisfy your customers
  • Develop a specification for your website, and if required develop it for you
  • Plan the content for the website
  • Train you on how to optimise your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and if needed undertake regular SEO work for you
  • Show you want free tools exist to help make your website as easy to find as possible, such as creating a Google+ page for you.
  • If part of the strategy, we also help you to set up and run a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign with Google AdWords

eCommerce Website Consulting

If you want to sell online then you need an eCommerce solution. Proper planning of your eCommerce website is crucial in terms of making sure your website is successful.

For any eCommerce website there are three things to consider:

  • How to get as much traffic as possible (where traffic means visitors to the website – in other words, potential customers)
  • How to convert as many visitors to customers as possible
  • How to get the goods to the customer on time and in a good condition

Many companies just launch into an eCommerce solution without planning these aspects. Projects often take longer than expected because the critical issue of content development, particularly product content, is significantly underestimated. Then, once the website goes live, too little is done to bring visitors to the site, and so eventually the project is cancelled having lost money.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Our eCommerce Consultants support you to plan the project to maximise traffic, conversions and sales. We:

  • Help define the eCommerce strategy for the business
  • Agree the best way to go online
  • Plan the structure and customer journey on the website to maximise customer conversions
  • Plan the site hierarchy, content and technical aspects to optimise search engine performance
  • Integrate the eCommerce site with the rest of the business
  • Ensure the right call centre, warehouse, stock forecasting and logistics processes are in place
  • Plan the promotion of the site, including Google AdWords (Pay Per Click) campaigns

If you would like to talk to us about the ways we can help you to improve sales and profit then please visit our contact us page and get in touch. We will be delighted to help.