Optimising Your Telecoms Costs

Many organisations receive hundreds of invoices and it is almost impossible to check each individual invoice. As a result, errors are made and costs increase. The small monthly costs per mobile device might not seem like a lot, but when £10 or £15 per employee gets multiplied out each month, it can add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds in additional costs per year.

“But you can’t save money if you’re not monitoring the bills.”

Only 13% of organisations were actively using controlling mobile expenses last year, according to a November 2012 survey of 270 companies by J. Gold Associates.

The key issues are as follows:

Overcharging – Surveys indicate that as many as 10% of telecoms costs are overcharged. Typical problems include the wrong tariff being used, ceased services still being charged etc.

Not Ceasing Services – Keeping track of staff mobile telephones is difficult, given the speed that staff joins and leave many organisations. As a result, thousands of pounds are spent on staff who are no longer employees.

Misuse – Do you monitor how your staff uses corporate telecom services? Many organisations spend thousands providing their staff with free telephony services.

How we can help you save money and time

Here at AG Bell Consultancy, we have over 15 years’ experience working with businesses like yours to help save money on telecommunication bills. We provide an unbiased, friendly service helping to ensure that you are only paying for the services you need, when you need them. All we need is a copy of at least 3 months’ bills and a copy of your existing contract and tariffs.

With our expertise we:

  • Analyse in detail our client’s mobile telecom bills and services.
  • Remove services not utilised.
  • Optimise current telecom services and usage.
  • Make recommendations on how to better communicate and lower costs.
  • With our in-depth telecoms knowledge we lower our client’s telecommunication costs significantly while allowing them to focus on their main business.

We have recently saved a client £19,000 per annum!

We have made significant cost savings for many of our customers, recently we have saved a recruitment company with only just over 50 phones over £19,000 per year on their telecommunication bills…. Isn’t it time we worked with you?