Personal Development

Businesses, whether large or small, are starting to recognise the importance of empowering their staff in order to bring about better results. Consult Yorkshire are of the firm belief that people are the true differentiators in modern organisations. We have a passion to help companies become more effective, profitable and efficient through personal professional development.

Personal development is all about change. It is the pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness, knowledge and improving personal skills. It is a powerful, flexible way to link employees’ professional and personal development with the development of your business. In your business, your staff may use personal growth programmes, self-directed learning, mentoring and executive coaching.

At Consult Yorkshire we offer activities that improve self-awareness for example through the design and implementation of 360 feedback review processes or peer reviews; We offer training to develop the talents and potential of the individuals within the organization through our links to a wide range of training specialists including management and leadership development training programmes; We enable individuals to achieve their full potential and achieve their dreams and aspirations through 1:1 coaching.


Coaching focuses on professional and personal development, a professional coach working on a one to one basis with individual within your business. Executive Coaching can explore business related or personal development to improve their personal performance and organisational contribution. The coaches from Consult Yorkshire use a personal approach to help make people comfortable talking and sharing their thoughts, ideas and worries. They create a safe environment and mutual respect and have the ability to help people unravel their problems, breaking them down and talking through potential options/solutions and particularly considering other perspectives. They provide challenge in a sensitive way and to ask great questions.


Personal development within organisations is frequently supported by the use of mentors. We can offer mentoring by providing a more experienced or more knowledgeable individual to help guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person in your company. The members of Consult Yorkshire have a wealth of experience in public, private and charitable sectors, having ‘been there, done it’.

We can also provide consultants that devise formal bespoke mentoring programs across your organisation to develop:

  • The competencies of your people
  • A succession-planning process
  • The acclimatization of new employees more quickly into your company
  • High-potential individuals for leadership roles
  • A performance management programme
  • A valued training function

Personal Development Programmes:

In organisations, Personal Development Programmes require frameworks or processes to measure the success of the interventions. Consult Yorkshire achieve this through:

  • goals, objectives or benchmarks that define success
  • plans for achieving these goals
  • measurement of progress
  • robust feedback systems

The growing success of personal development has assisted many businesses in obtaining more qualified and motivated personnel for their companies with higher retention rates.

If you would like to talk to us about the ways we can help you to address personal development issues then please visit our contact us page and get in touch. We will be delighted to help.