Success in a constantly changing world

We are all well aware of business competition in the modern world. The problem isn’t purely one for the big multi-nationals. The impacts are felt just as much at the local level where most of us operate. The issue is what can you do about it and what can we do to help you?

Idea generation – What could you do?

Consult Yorkshire brings a wealth of business strategy experience from the private and public sectors. We raise awareness of drivers for change, new things to try, new challenges to be met. We help our clients understand the environment in which they operate. By making the connections across this environment we open up new possibilities to them. We can help you to learn where you are and see where you must go:

  • What’s New?
    • People
    • Process
    • Technology
  • Understand the Environment
  • Making New Connections

Supporting strategy development

Consult Yorkshire has the advice and practical guidance to support you as you:

  • create the right environment for innovation to flourish, building a mixture of high support and high challenge helps people work to their full potential
  • set the process for strategy development, designing an approach which will work in your environment, with your organisational culture and your people to get the results that you want
  • re-frame the question from the negative connotations of a ‘problem’ to a challenge to find an innovative solution
  • innovate to meet your customers’ needs (before they know what they are)

Strategy development – What will you do?

Out-sourcing, globalisation, agile organisations; we all depend on collaboration and partnership more and more. We help our clients understand their partners’ and their own drivers and agendas. We:

  • work with them to decide on agreed, benefits-driven objectives.
  • give them the tools and facilitation to improve the quality of their shared decisions.
  • give them the assurance that governance structures are appropriate and work well to deliver the shared strategy

Seek out the experts

You can do a lot on your own. You can do even more with the right professional advice. Consult Yorkshire’s consultants can take you from strategic analysis and creative ideas generation through planning to leading the implementation of your business change.

If you would like to talk to us about the ways we can help you with strategy and innovation development then please visit our contact us page and get in touch. We will be delighted to help.