Guy Newton and The Corpex Group

Why use a specialist consultancy?

Executive talent is a prized asset for any organisation. Get it right and it will give you a real competitive edge. Get it wrong and the consequences can be costly.

Recruitment at this level is a highly specialised skill, requiring appropriate knowledge and experience to attract and acquire the best people.

Why use the Corpex Group?

We only recruit for executive posts – normally attracting annual salaries of £50,000 upwards.

Advising at each stage, we aim to save you time and money throughout the recruitment process, allowing you to maintain focus on your other responsibilities.

We invest our time to gain a thorough understanding of your needs, using our skills to pinpoint your specific requirements. Only then will we recommend the most appropriate and cost effective route forward, based upon one or a combination of both recruitment methods:-

Executive Search

This targeted recruitment approach allows us to have dialogue with individuals who may not be seeking a career move actively – so you can recruit the best candidate available.

As there is no advertising, your recruitment plans remain confidential. We focus only on those candidates who match your requirements closely, to provide a short list of relevant individuals who are keen to develop a career with your business.

Executive Selection

Driven by advertising to reach the target audience quickly, relevant applications can be generated in less than two weeks.

You benefit from our experience in media selection, advertising design and heavily discounted rates.

We save you time by project managing your recruitment, including in depth interviewing and selection so you meet the best candidates available at the short list stage.

Delivering results

A successful recruitment outcome on your behalf is the yardstick of our achievement. Our track record is exemplary with a 95% successful completion rate compared with a 72% industry average.

Our confidence is underwritten by our Terms of Business, guaranteeing that we will add real value and strength to your Management Team.


“During the last twelve months I have used The Corpex Group to recruit for two Director posts, one of which was a Divisional MD for a strategically important manufacturing business unit. I found the service professional and effective and am delighted with the outcome for both recruitment exercises. I would recommend The Corpex Group without hesitation for Board and Executive recruitment.”
Mr Andrew Siddall, Group Chief Executive, Siddall & Hilton Ltd.