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AG Bell - telecommunication cost saving advice

At A G Bell Consultancy, our telecommunications specialists offer a range of affordable solutions designed to meet the needs of your growing business. Whether you’re interested in improving your business telecom needs, A G Bell Consultancy brings you the best products and services that connect you to the world today.

Telecoms costs are both substantial and difficult to manage. Many organisations receive hundreds of invoices and it is almost impossible to check each individual invoice. As a result, errors are made and costs increase.

The key issues are as follows:

  • Overcharging – Surveys indicate that as many as 10% of telecoms costs are overcharged. Typical problems include the wrong tariff being used, ceased services still being charged etc.
  • Not Ceasing Services – Keeping track of staff mobile telephones is difficult, given the speed that staff joins and leave many organisations. As a result, thousands of pounds are spent on staff who are no longer employees.
  • Misuse – Do you monitor how your staff uses corporate telecom services? Many organisations spend thousands providing their staff with free telephony services.

With our years of telecommunication consulting expertise we:

  • Analyse in detail our client’s mobile telecom bills and services.
  • Remove services not utilised.
  • Optimise current telecom services and usage.
  • Make recommendations on how to better communicate and lower costs.

With our in-depth telecom knowledge we lower our client’s telecommunication costs significantly while allowing them to focus on their main business.

Our service starts with an audit of your current contracts and tariffs, followed by a benchmarking exercise to validate the fit when compared to what your current operator should be providing and the wider market has to offer.

From this, we will identify how much you could save (typically in the region of 25%), often through no change at all.

All we need is a copy of at least 3 months bills, a copy of your existing contract (including tariffs) and we will do the rest. Once we have analysed them all, we will be able to confirm the available savings and options.