Marketing Expert

Insight Best Practice helps you to out-compete the competition, to influence customers to buy from you rather than the competition, and get the best prices for your products and services.

Why ‘Insight Best Practice’? Customer insight, coupledwith best practice research, communications and customer influence.


Most companies are awash with data. Sales data, purchasing data, data in people’s heads, data in desk drawers. But what does it all mean? We work with you to:

  • Analyse what is happening within your company and market

  • Turn the data into meaningful information

  • Decide on the best actions to improve competitiveness, find new customers or enter new markets

  • Implement those actions

  • Measure the results and improvements

Next, by understanding their psychology you can reach more customers and can better communicate the value you provide. We help you to:

  • Understand your customers and their motivations

  • Learn how to influence and persuade them

My background? I have run large companies and small startup businesses, have held technical and senior marketing roles, and have my own eCommerce business selling curtains and blinds.

The bottom line is this: we want you to sell more products and services, and to do so more profitably. Simple!

Contact David Abbott:

Mobile: 07971 962235
Twitter: @davidatinsight