Connecting with the people that matter

If you’re looking for ways to improve your communications with your customers, your staff, your partners and investors, I can help.

I am a Yorkshire-based freelancer with many years’ experience of developing and delivering effective PR campaigns for clients ranging from blue-chip to emerging companies and not-for-profit organisations.

I help organisations find the right voice, the right stories and the right media to connect with the people that matter to their business.

“I recommended Helen because she understands the importance of creating wonderful PR on small budgets. She achieves this using her excellent creative writing abilities, her indepth understanding of Social Media and has an eye for the detail. Helen has proven to me on several occasions that she can find a story where there isn’t one and produce very positive press messages about it. Not only this, but Helen also realises that her clients want to measure the results that come from her work. What do her clients gain in brand awareness and/or additional sales. On top of this, Helen is a very likeable person and easy to work with. I would suggest to anyone that if they are looking for a creative PR expert that can generate interest in a target audience, then they would be doing themselves a complete dis-service by not at least chatting things over with Helen.”
Phil Pond, Scarlet Opus, Consumer & Design Trends Insights

Contact Helen Kitchen:

LinkedIn: Helen Kitchen
Twitter: helenkitchen_pr
Facebook: Helen Kitchen PR