I work with businesses to boost their innovation performance and deliver top and bottom line growth. Your customers will value new product, process and service innovations and you’ll love your capability to do new things, well.

Services – business growth strategy, managing technology and innovation, funding, technology acquisition, workshops, training.

The Growth Engine

Competitive threats have increased demands for greater financial results and higher quality offers but can be blighted by lower innovation management skill.

You can’t stand still. Businesses on the cusp of growth need to urgently organize to maximize their potential. And skilful innovation management is the key to driving performance.

  • We believe that mastery over innovation is the best way to achieve sustainable growth.
  • You already innovate, but are you happy with your results?
  • Our structured approaches embed the innovation habit for repeatable growth.

Research shows that companies who organize their new development substantially outperform those who do not. The Growth Engine FrameworkTM has been developed to boost performance.

  • Create more and better ideas for growth projects.
  • Effective project planning.
  • Optimize future growth portfolios.
  • Win external funding for innovation projects.
  • Skilfully acquire new technologies to give an advantage.
  • Collaborate (Open Innovation) to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • Increase innovation capability and manage the change.
  • Facilitate growth workshops and strategic roadmapping.

There are 3 Wins from a structured approach to innovation management:

  1. The growth habit becomes business as usual – Boost Sales and Win financially.
  2. Access additional markets – Win for stakeholders.
  3. Staff draw new energy by working at a great place – Win for your people.

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