No one is born with all the skills and experience they will ever need already in place – we all learn as we go along. This is true in every functional area such as sales, marketing, procurement, finance or operations, and it is also true for general management.

Coaching and mentoring is an excellent way to gain and enhance the skills required for general management. The coaching process helps by:

  • Improving and developing communication skills
  • Building team development skills
  • Creating great strategy processes and abilities
  • Developing innovation
  • Providing an objective sounding board for ideas
  • Developing leadership styles and confidence
  • Defining business vision, goals and core values

Some great leaders are born, but most great leaders are made; coaching and mentoring provides the quickest shortcut to achieving that greatness.

Interim Management

An Interim Manager is typically a highly skilled and experienced senior executive who has worked at the highest levels in multiple organisations. They differ from consultants in that they take functional responsibility; they are not advising, they are doing.

This is probably the key benefit of using an Interim Manager in a CEO, General Manager or MD role. If there is a gap in the organisation which must be filled, either while recruitment for a full time executive takes place or to solve a major short term or turnaround issue, the IM joins the senior team of the organisation and takes full responsibility for the role.

Other key benefits are:

  • Expert knowledge, particularly if a rare skill is required
  • Complete focus on implementation and then exit
  • Very little learning curve
  • No National Insurance, PAYE, pension, sickness, holiday pay or notice pay
  • Totally motivated to deliver
  • Leaves a skill legacy within the company
  • Provides an unbiased view of issues, unencumbered by company politics

There are many scenarios where an Interim Manager CEO/MD will provide a benefit, such as:

  • Strategy development
  • Business turnaround
  • Crisis management
  • Major change project
  • Business sale, acquisition or merger
  • Culture change
  • Coaching/mentoring internal succession candidates


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