What IS the point of your website?

Is there such a thing as a dormant website I wonder?

I only ask because I heard someone recently refer to their web presence as just that, which concerned me as I don't think in today's 24/7 "always on" society anyone thinks that websites should be dormant.

image 2018-03-23 8.46.59 pm.jpg

Websites are like shop windows. How many retailers do you know who don't invest time and money making sure their displays accurately reflect their business?

With more people turning to the web to source products and services, a website at the very least should be a digital company brochure. How much business can anyone expect to win if the way they choose to represent themselves (website, brochure, shop window) is out of date or worse, includes information that's no longer accurate?

"Sorry about the brochure, it doesn't really describe our business accurately, but it's all we had in the cupboard."

I don't think there is any excuse for a digital presence that doesn't do its best to represent an organisation.

Do you?

-- By Helen Kitchen, an independent PR consultant and a member of Consultant Yorkshire

Photo credit and thanks to Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
This article was first published on LinkedIn